This painting is in part an ode to Roger Dean, an early inspiration in my artistic journey. It is also my take on the symbolic ‘returning to the garden’. My wife Donna modeled for this piece, and it comes at a time that we are relocating to a new home in a tropical part of the world that we lovingly call “The Garden of Eden”. The nourishment of that place is represented in the apple tree and fallen fruits all around her; her self-confident nakedness symbolizes a renewed sense of freedom and inner authority; and the leaping monkeys show the playfulness we seek in this new life. Astrologically speaking, the planet Jupiter, shown in the background, represents expansion, learning, and abundance. It is the ruler of happiness and good fortune. Qualities that anyone can experience, regardless of place. We just happen to have a catchy name for ours.



27 x 36 - Oil on Canvas - $11,500