Free Thinking Mystic With Accessible Fruit, painting of a blindfolded raven on a ledge with cherries dangling below, art with a pagoda tree and ladder, painting with round orb, art with raven crow bird, art with red cherry, painting with ladder, soulful uplifting inspirational art, soul stirring illusion art, romantic art,  surrealism, surreal art, dreamlike imagery, fanciful art, fantasy art, dreamscape visual, metaphysical art, spiritual painting, metaphysical painting, spiritual art, whimsical art, whimsy art, dream art, fantastic realism art, magic realism oil painting by Paul Bond

This painting is my interpretation of achieving one’s desires through inner alignment vs. outer efforts. The long ladder represents the struggle of exertion to achieve a goal. Not that action is unnecessary. I believe it’s integral. But until we can envision the object of our desire in our mind’s eye with full expectation of it’s manifestation and of our deserving of it, we can work 24/7 and will never attain it. The bird’s eyes are covered to symbolize his inward focus, without concern for outer reality. The cherries – being the object of the bird’s desire – are within his reach. And though they look like they can be reached by the ladder in the distance, the tree and ladder (physical effort) are in fact far away and secondary to belief, desire and expectation.

Free Thinking Mystic With Accessible Fruit

48 x 32 - Oil On Panel - Sold, Private Collection