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Painted during the 2020 Covid quarantine. Though I was at home with my wife, I experienced a deeply profound period of personal introspection and transformation. While it has been painful and constricting for many, I feel that from a higher spiritual perspective the experience has been calling for us to individually and collectively take stock of who we are, and who we wish to be moving forward. Accomplished through a stripping away of the distractions that normally keep us from looking inwards. The islands represent the separation from that external busyness. The plants taking over the house is the replenishing of the natural world that we have seen happening worldwide. The tiger symbolizes willpower, courage and personal strength. The qualities I believe are necessary to take each of us through this experience in a fearless and transformative way, so as to emerge on the other side with our humanity expanded and our awareness heightened. The boat is the spiritual journey, the voyage of our lives, floating into view to take the tiger out into the greater world again. Renewed, strengthened, and deepened by this experience.

In the Waning Days of the Solitude

22 x 50 - Oil on Camvas - Sold, Private Collection