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When I was courting my wife Donna, I created a music playlist for her. One was a great song covered by Sting called “She Walks this Earth”. There is a line in it that goes: when she walks by I see a wave of color/moving like an angel/trailing butterflies. It has become one of the theme songs of our relationship, and I’d since wanted to paint my interpretation of it. Now 14 years on, we have a second home in Costa Rica, where Blue Morpho Butterflies float across our patio, and Guaria Morada, the country’s national orchid flowers grow. In the time we have been together I have seen her transform and heal and evolve in profoundly beautiful ways. So, this is what came forth from all of those elements. The style was further inspired by the works of the pre-photography 19th and 18th century artists who accompanied explorers on travels to new lands to capture the flora and fauna of these magical places.


12 x 16 - Oil on Panel - Sold, Private Collection