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I was taking some photos around the Salton Sea near Palm Springs, CA. It is a ‘dead sea’ due to decades of farming pesticide runoff, yet on this day it felt alive and very primordial. As if life could have just been evolving from there. During the same time I was reading about sacred geometry — and especially about the theories of the Italian mathematician Fibinacci — and how they relate to, and are blueprints for, the growth of all physical substance. In this painting, I put those concepts into the framework of the spirit of any given life form moving into it’s physical manifestation. The birds represent the unconditional dance of joy that celebrates each and every creation. The seashell is a symbol of birth, and the staff and visica pices symbol, represent balance. In that nothing in creation is inherently good or bad. But it only our personal perception and experience that judges it so.

This is an older painting that has been stored for close to 20 years and is now time to release to it’s new owner.

Pious Birds Of Good Omen

40 x 30 - Oil On Canvas - Sold, Private Collection