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The conch shell is a classic symbol of divine perfection in its proportional shape, and also here adopts the form of a birth canal. The bubble with a flame in the center in my symbolic language represents the human spirit or soul. So together this image eludes to the concept of Christ’s second coming as foretold in the Old Testament. However, it is my belief that the true second coming is when humanity will evolve to adopt a more Christlike way of being. We are always (and especially in this volatile time almost 25 years on) being called to birth a deeper expression of love, a more fierce level compassion and to take inspired action in the nurturing and healing of our troubled world – to birth the ways of the Christ’s within each of us.

An older painting created at the same time as “Pious Birds” that has came back into my possession and now ready for a new home.

Second Coming

20 x 16 - Oil On Canvas - $2,400