The Day Ravens Brought News Of My Deliverance, painting of ravens near a half open gate door with a floating flame within a bubble, art with crow raven, art with bird, costa rica, door, hill, gate, dark, flame, bubble, dark night of the soul, trompe l'oeil, soulful uplifting inspirational art, soul stirring illusion art, romantic art,  surrealism, surreal art, dreamlike imagery, fanciful art, fantasy art, dreamscape visual, metaphysical art, spiritual painting, metaphysical painting, spiritual art, whimsical art, whimsy art, dream art, fantastic realism art, magic realism oil painting by Paul Bond

While taking photos in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica, I saw this doorway going into the side off a hill. I looked inside but couldn’t see where it led. This scene was a beautiful metaphor for what we often experience in times of turmoil and doubt: the dark night of the soul. The globe with the flame in the center represents a human soul in its purest state. Here seen emerging from it’s dark night – purified, delivered, enlightened. The ravens are the gate keepers of this mystery. And the incense or fire smoke coming from the pipe represents the internal fire of experience that gives perspective and cleanses us.

The Day Ravens Brought News
Of My Deliverance

24 x 36 - Oil On Canvas - Sold, Private Collection