The Flying Lesson, painting of a heart-shaped stone with feathers as wings tethered to cloud sitting above a nest, art with floating heart, rock, stacked cairn hanging from a string, trompe l'oeil, soulful uplifting inspirational art, soul stirring illusion art, romantic art,  surrealism, surreal art, dreamlike imagery, fanciful art, fantasy art, dreamscape visual, metaphysical art, spiritual painting, metaphysical painting, spiritual art, whimsical art, whimsy art, dream art, fantastic realism art, magic realism oil painting by Paul Bond

This painting is about the willingness to risk. The stone, having sat in the safety of its nest, has been given ‘training wings’ and is being lifted by a cloud. What causes any of us to be willing to risk the unknown is a mystery that greatly intrigues me. Perhaps a desire to move forward towards a future joy, or the fear of stagnating, or a profound love that calls us forth. Either way, once we have ventured from our safety zone, a new journey of expansion is begun. As was insightfully penned by the writer Anais Nin, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

The Flying Lesson

27 x 22 - Oil On Panel - Sold, Private Collection