The Illusion Of Love's Disturbance, painting of a heart shaped stone tethered to a cloud with rope and a rose, art with blue sky and purple curtains in background, painting with prominently featured bird and heart shaped rock stones, rafia string, soulful uplifting inspirational art, soul stirring illusion art, romantic art,  surrealism, surreal art, dreamlike imagery, fanciful art, fantasy art, dreamscape visual, metaphysical art, spiritual painting, metaphysical painting, spiritual art, whimsical art, whimsy art, dream art, fantastic realism art, limited edition giclee, signed art print, fine art reproduction, original magic realism oil painting by Paul Bond

This is about illusions. About how our perceptions cause us to see things that aren’t always there. And to not see things that are. The rock hangs from a cloud, the rose casts no shadow, but a shadow from a non-existent bird is present. Trompe l’oeil, or “Fooling the Eye” is an art form that began in the Renaissance when artists learned to depict an object so accurately that it appeared real. Falling in love can literally change our view of the world. It disturbs our reality in such a way that the definitions we once gave to certain things as ‘real’ are no longer relevant and anything is possible. I love being in love for exactly this reason.

The Illusion Of Love's Disturbance

30 x 19 - Oil On Panel - Sold, Private Collection