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In a recent discourse by a spiritual teacher I follow, he was asked about the purpose of time in the physical dimension. He replied that we (the spiritual, collective ‘we’ of humanity) created it to give ourselves an opportunity to experience growth and change in a deeper way. In the spiritual realm of the soul, change is instantaneous – imagined scenarios manifests instantly. Whereas on the earth plane with its time-lag we are allowed the opportunity to more fully realize the power of creativity, expansion and transformation. To embody the process of moving from great limitation to great freedom. The stones and shells around the staff represent both time – in the form of a sundial – as well as the shamanic practice of placing stones and shells in a circle to create a sacred space, with the largest at the four cardinal points. The sanctifying of our human experience. Butterflies are of course the classic symbol of transformation. And the hummingbird – playing the part of the shaman in this scene – serves as a reminder of our inherent freedom, joy, and playfulness. To know that we are always at the center of our holy circle. Always exactly where we need to be.

The Invention of Time

24 x 30 - Oil on Canvas - Sold, Private Collection