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The idea for this painting was born from a trip my wife and I took to the Isle of Sky in the north of Scotland – a very raw and mystical place. While on a hike we came across this formation that looked like a throne. We sat for a long while, taking in the timeless landscape and changing skies. Wondering how many eons this formation had seen. In the rock is carved a petroglyph of the Greek characters, Alpha and Omega. Symbolic of the beginning and the end. Or perhaps in a metaphysical sense, the transition of one cycle to another. The birds are canaries, used in coal mines as an advance warning of danger. And a seer is one who, through supernatural insight, sees what the future holds. A prophet. Putting these elements together gave me this scene. What does it all mean? Like the fate of our collective future, I’m not sure, but I remain ever hopeful.

The Seer

22.5 x 20 - Oil on Panel - Sold, Private Collection