November 26, 2014 Poetry and Art

A new poem and painting, “On the Transmigration of Souls”,
both of which will be in my forthcoming coffee table book.


If only momentarily,
you will one day leave
the gravitational pull
of your own smallness.

I promise you
that at some point,
even if ever so briefly,
you will see through the darkness
of your self-imposed midnights.

And in the tiny window
of that orbiting capsule
that you call your self,
you will glimpse a slice of the stars
from whose dust your being is composed.

But what you must not miss
in that delicate moment
when you hang in the balance between worlds,
is the stirring within you.

An urging as profound and sublime
as a dust particle passing
through a shaft of sunlight.

For it will be the remembrance
that you are on a mission,

an astronaut

sent by your soul

to explore
the infinite space

between your own molecules.